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This statement about our privacy policy describes what kind of personal information Polarcamp collects and how that personal information is processed.

Polarcamp complies with the Norwegian Personal Data Act. This privacy statement is made in accordance with the requirements of Sections 18 and 19 of the Personal Data Act.

Personal information

Personal information is information about the individual. This can be the person’s name, address, place of work, marital status, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Information about your contact, cause and contact form with Polarcamp can also be understood as personal information.

Sensitive personal information is neither collected nor used by Polarcamp. This is personal information such as charges, criminal offenses, health and the like.

If you would like more information about personal data in general, visit

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal information at Polarcamp.

Polarcamp’s Managing Director is responsible for the company’s processing of personal data. In the event of any future delegation, only the delegation of tasks is done, the responsibility for personal data rests with Polarcamp anyway.

Personal information Polarcamp receives

Polarcamp has 2 sources of personal data, both of which are based on section 8 of the Personal Data Act.

The main source of personal data is information that you enter yourself. This is mainly done through the contact form on Polarcamp’s website. The contact form serves as the meeting place between potential / existing customers and Polarcamp. It is completely optional whether you want to fill out such a form or just remain a passive visitor to the site. The contact form collects telephone number, email and name.

The seconday source is the Visbook booking system, which forwards information to Polarcamp.

After contact, further personal information may be generated through e-mail, telephone and similar correspondence between Polarcamp and a potential / existing customer.

How Polarcamp uses personal information

The purpose of the contact form and subsequent correspondence is to follow up on inquiries and obligations towards the customers. Polarcamp relies on an open platform between itself and its customers to ensure a satisfactory communication and end product.

The purpose of the information provided by Google Analytic is to improve the website experience. This could be, for example, making the layouts more user-friendly, understanding user trends, streamlining and delivering services in a better way and preventing criminal behavior like hacking.

Personal data can also be used for the following purposes: Sales, contact with customer service, marketing, information, bookkeeping.

No marketing by e-mail / telephone / sms is done without explicitly obtained consent.

By providing your personal information, you agree to the practices and terms described in this privacy statement.

The legal basis for Polarcamp’s processing of personal data is Section 11 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act

How to manage your own personal information

The limited amount of personal information Polarcamp collects through you and on your own initiative is very marginal compared to other players and other online services. This has meant that some personal management of personal information such as user app settings and personalized advertising settings is not relevant to us. As mentioned, personal information collected is not used for such purposes.

However, you always have rights related to the personal data which you can read more about below.

Where do we store information about you – and where do we share your information with others?

Polarcamp does not share personal information from the contact form, its own collections or information from others with any third party without consent.

The website is provided by, marketing is provided by TV Klipp AS and all website data is processed by them.

Third parties

Polarcamp also uses services provided by third parties. Here is an overview of sites where information can be stored.

Google analytics
Google analytics is used for traffic analysis. IP addresses and visitor patterns are stored.

We send parcels with Bring and thus share information related to shipping such as name, telephone number and address.

Google Drive
Polarcamp stores some internal documents on Google Drive. This may include customer information.

We use Jottacloud to store images and video.

Vimeo is used for storing and playing video content.

We send parcels with Postnord and thus share information related to shipping such as name, telephone number and address.

Mailchimp is used for email marketing or sending out newsletters. Names and emails can be shared with Mailchimp, but never without explicit consent.

Information about using cookies. 

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer.

We use cookies, among other things, to remember your login, password in encrypted form, to improve the user experience and as part of our marketing to new customers.

When you visit our services, we set both temporary and longer-lasting cookies. A temporary cookie is often automatically deleted when you close your browser, while longer-lasting can be on your machine for up to one year.

If you want to learn more about cookies, visit

The following cookies are used in our services:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics uses cookies for traffic analysis.

Google Adwords
We use advertising through Google’s platform. Cookies are used so that advertising can be targeted based on visitor patterns.

Facebook Pixel
We use advertising through Facebook’s platform. Cookies are used so that advertising can be targeted based on visitor patterns.

Secure archiving, deletion and internal control

In accordance with section 13 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act, all personal information Polarcamp receives will be archived on either a secure e-mail or server as long as the working relationship between you and Polarcamp is ongoing. Upon termination of employment, all communications and personal data will be deleted within 2 years.

Polarcamp has an internal control of such filing, security and deletion takes place according to objectives and in accordance with legal standards.‍


By the Personal Data Act, you as a user or customer of Polarcamp have the right to be forgotten, the right to data portability, the right to access, and the right to be profiled.

– The right to be forgotten means that all personal data registered with Polarcamp can be deleted. If this is not requested, Polarcamp will in any case delete most of the personal data 2 years after the end of contact.

– The right to data portability means that you can obtain a digital copy of all personal information Polarcamp has about you. This right also means that you may transfer this personal information to another company if technically possible and justifiable. Personal information covered by data portability is personal information provided to Polarcamp, such as through the contact form, or automated personal information generated through the use of Polarcamp’s services.

– Right of access means that you have the right to see what information Polarcamp has registered about you.

– Right against profiling gives the right to refuse Polarcamp to survey your use and behavior, and thus tailor our services to you based on this survey. Typical examples would be personalized advertising, service development, market research, etc.

To exercise one or more of these rights, contact us. You have a legal right to receive a response from us within at least 1 month.

Children’s privacy

Polarcamp has neither the desire nor the need to collect or process personal information about children under the age of 16. Such personal data must come through a parent.

Personal information left by children to Polarcamp will be deleted as soon as Polarcamp notices it.

Data Protection Officer

Polarcamp has no privacy representative since the company is not a public enterprise, does not process sensitive information, does not systematically survey persons and does not process personal information on criminal matters.

Implementation of changes

From time to time, Polarcamp will update its privacy statement to ensure that it complies with the legal standard required by Norwegian law. You will be informed of such updates.