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Informasjon about Waste management

Waste management for caravans

If you stay at the campsite, emptying the toilet and waste from your caravan is free. If you are not staying at the campsite, it is still possible to pay for these services:

Waste disposal and refilling water for caravans
Price: NOK 0,- for guests staying at the campsite
Price: NOK 75,- for guests who do not stay at the campsite


Thank you for helping us to be an eco-campsite.

As an environmentally-conscious campsite, we want to look after the natural environment around us.
That is why all waste should be sorted and taken to the recycling bank.

You can find the recycling bank below the service building. The cabins all have blue, green and standard bin bags. Remember to tie them with a double knot.

You can take these to the recycling bank.

  • Green bags: Food waste
  • Blue bags: Plastic waste
  • Standard plastic bags: Other residual waste
  • Red box: Hazardous waste
  • Glass and metal (not porcelain)
  • You don’t have to bag paper and cardboard; just throw it into the designated bin.

Bottles, cans and plastic waste should be clean.

If you’re not sure where you should put your waste, please leave it on the floor inside the recycling bank.

The environment and staff at Polarcamp thank you very much.