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With its 12,000 islands, fjord arms and chalk-white sandy beaches, the Helgeland coast is a mecca for kayaking enthusiasts.

If you want to admire the scenery from the water, or scale the mountains for an even better view, here are some tips for the best routes to take to experience the Helgeland coast.

You can put your kayak in the water in Polarcamp’s marina, and head off on a trip to places like Melfjordbotn, Tonnes or Rødøy. Polarcamp has no kayaks for hire, but we have everything else you will need to store, clean and dry your kayaking equipment here.

Be on the safe side

Polarcamp offers support boats for anyone wanting to be extra safe on their kayaking trip. Contact us to book a support boat.


– for advanced kayakers

The Nordfjord and Melfjord are tremendous places from which to experience nature. Their mountains plunge down into clear, green waters, and at the far end of the Nordfjord is the majesty of Svartisen glacier, like white icing on the landscape. You can’t get closer to Svartisen without climbing.

The currents here can be strong, and we don’t recommend this trip for beginners, since the mountains plunge straight down into the sea. There is no mobile phone signal once you get into the fjord, so we recommend that you take another form of communication.


– for advanced kayakers

If you want a longer trip that has everything, we recommend kayaking to Rødøy island, camping there overnight and climbing Rødøyløva mountain (440 metres high). This is a trip on which you get up close and personal with fjords, islands and white sandy beaches, and round things off with a spectacular panoramic view over the Helgeland coast.

In the fjord at Polarcamp

– for beginners

If you don’t have much experience in a kayak, but still want a great kayaking experience, we recommend a kayaking trip in the fjord right outside Polarcamp.