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Island hopping

Warm slabs of rock, chalk-white beaches and blue sea all the way to the horizon – the 12,000 islands and islets of the Helgeland coast are wonderful destinations for anyone wanting a unique experience in the mouth of the fjord.

All you need is a boat (and maybe a tent) to head off on a modern-day adventure in what is perhaps Norway’s most spectacular island paradise.

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Ideal for island hopping

Many of the islands are not far from Polarcamp, including Træna, Myken, Lovund, Lurøya and Gjærøy. Polarcamp lies in what’s known as the Rødøy basin, which is ideal for island hopping, with stunning views and islands just a short boat journey away.

Træna – 2.5 hours by boat
Rødøy – 1 hour by boat
Gjærøya – 0.5 hours by boat

You can visit many of the better known islands and islets of the Helgeland coast in just a day, but the best way to experience them is to take a tent with you and camp overnight on one.

Experience the Nordfjord and Svartisen National Park

On a boat trip into the Nordfjord, you can see Nattmoråga, a 300 metre high waterfall fed with water from the Svartisen glacier. A spectacular sight which you will never forget! Further into the Nordfjord, you can visit the fjord’s islets. These are great places to go ashore for a barbecue, or just to soak up the sun on the smooth rock slabs.

Express boat

If you don’t want to captain your own boat, there are several express boats operating in the area. From Tonnes for example, they will take you to Træna, Rødøya, Myken and Lovund. You can find express boat routes here.

If you would rather experience the Helgeland coast from a kayak, you can read more here.