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Adventure trips

The Nordfjord is Northern Norway’s answer to Geiranger. We offer big-boat adventure trips there that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Unique ways to experience the natural environment in the Melfjord

The mountains here plunges straight down into clear, green waters. At the far end of the Nordfjord is the majestic Svartisen glacier, like white icing on the landscape. You can’t get closer to Svartisen without climbing. The high cliffs here are the domain of shrieking eagles. Meltwater cascades down from the glacier and you can hear it splashing into the fjord from the boat. The Nordfjord has its own seal colony, and the seals often bob about in the water or lie sunning themselves on the rock slabs. Tourists can also get up close to a pilot whale in the Melfjord. This inquisitive whale loves to circle the boat to get a closer look at the tourists.

Arctic Circle baptism

Polarcamp is on the Arctic Circle, and some way into the Nordfjord you can see the Nattmoråga waterfall. The waterfall is 300 metres high, and cascades in tiers down the mountainside, more or less right on the line of the Arctic Circle. In the sparkle of the rainbow, passengers get a real shower when the boat steers towards the waterfall. After that, everyone is entitled to their Arctic Circle certificate (NOK 50).

The Nordfjord is part of the Melfjord in Rødøy municipality. We offer our adventure tours in partnership with Hilstad Båttransport, who provides their big boats, on which you can either stand on deck or sit in the covered area and admire the view through the windows. The biggest boat can carry up to 70 people, so we can accommodate large groups.

After an unforgettable five hour experience of the natural environment, the boat returns to Polarcamp. We then recommend a meal in the café where you can enjoy fish and chips with delicious home-made remoulade. Polarcamp’s fish & chips is made from fresh ling, caught at a depth of 250 metres just offshore by the campsite.