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Mountain hiking

Here, at the gateway to the Land of the Midnight Sun, there are countless mountain peaks to conquer. There are plenty of waymarked hiking trails and boundless hiking options, either in the mountains or on more gentle terrain.


Rødøyløva is one of the big Helgeland classics. The iconic mountain towers 443 metres above sea level, and you can get to the top on a moderate hike which most people can manage.

Rødøyløva is a well-known landmark on the Helgeland coast, and got its name because the shape of the mountain looks a little like a sleeping lion. There are many ways to climb this proud lion, but most people start at Klokkergården or from the ferry quay on Rødøy island.

How to get there from Polarcamp

You can hire a boat from Polarcamp for the trip. You can also take the express boat from Tonnes to Rødøy island, or go by ferry from Kilboghamn-Jektvik, then Jektvik-Rødøy. Many people visit the idyllic Klokkergården farm to stoke up their energy tanks before starting the mountain hike.

If you want to see the Helgeland coast from both land and sea, you can grab some paddles and canoe from Polarcamp to Rødøy island. The kayaking trip also provides stunning views of fjords, mountains, white sandy beaches and islets.

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Also called Hestmonkallen. The Hestmannen mountain is actually a resident of both Lurøy and Rødøy. It is on Hestmona island, which is in the municipalities of both Rødøy and Lurøy. The Arctic Circle bisects the island.

At its highest point, Hestmannen is 580 metres above sea level. The hiking trail is well marked, with some steep climbs at times. The Hestmannen character is famous from the Seven Sisters saga of the Northern Norwegian troll mountain – while chasing Lekamøya, Hestmannen fired the arrow which pierced the hole through the mountain of Trollhatten.

How to get there from Polarcamp

To get to Hestmona island, you can take your own boat, or travel by express boat or ferry. To get the express boat, you have to drive from Polarcamp to Tonnes or Stokkvågen and then take the boat to Hestmona. If you arrive by express boat, your hike will start in the south of the island. If you take your own boat, the Storselsøy marina is right next to the ferry quay.

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At 980 metres above sea level, Telnestinden gives you probably the best views in Rødøy. If you’re lucky with the weather, you can get a phenomenal panoramic view towards the 12,000 islands and islets of the Helgeland coast.

How to get there from Polarcamp

The best way to do this trip is with your own car. Start by taking the ferry from Kilboghamn to Jektvik. Then take the Sperstad road to Buvik. You can park your car there.

You can also hire a boat from Polarcamp. However, it’s best to have transport as far as Buvik. The hike from Buvik starts with a challenging climb in steep terrain. But the reward is a beautiful view right down to the Melfjord on the way up.

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