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Polarcamp is just off the Coastal Route in Helgeland. Fishing enthusiasts come here from all over Europe to fish, both from the shore and from boats. Most of the tourists who come to us are looking for good fishing experiences or unique ways to experience nature. Feel free to ask us for tips, and we’ll point out the best fishing spots for you.

Fish fever

There are few things tougher than being out on the fjord in a real fishing boat, realizing that you have a big one on the hook, and fighting with the monster until you have got it over the gunwales. Cod of up to 15 kilos are nothing out of the ordinary on the Helgeland coast, and fishing for halibut will give you a really good workout.

Great conditions for fjord fishing

The sea fishing along the Helgeland coast is internationally famous. We have outstanding fishing conditions in Rødøy municipality. From Polarcamp, there are fjord thresholds in every direction, which means that you can always find a spot that is sheltered from wind and currents.

You can hire boats and fishing equipment from Polarcamp We have plenty of boats for hire, and all of them have new chart plotters and GPS. Read more about our rental boats here.

Fishing from the shore

At Polarcamp, you can also fish with your feet on dry land, as there is deep water only a few metres offshore. Fishing from the shore requires a long cast and a little technique to make sure that the lure doesn’t get caught on seaweed when you are reeling in.

Read our fishing tips if you would like to know more about fishing from the shore or from boats, about the equipment you will need and the fishing knots you will use.

Rent a fishing rod

You can rent a professional fishing rod without hooks
NOK 140 per day
You can buy fishing hooks at the café

PS. You don’t need a fishing permit for sea fishing. You can only take 15 kilos of fish fillets out of Norway.