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Aurora Live Camera

Welcome to the Aurora/Northern Lights Polar camp live camera!

We are now testing a new camera project that will allow us to give you a live video access to the Polar Camp night sky… where you can see Northern Lights!

When can I see the Northern lights?

Northern Lights are created by particles brought up by solar storm and enter in collision with our planet atmosphere. When hitting our atmosphere at a certain speed, they create a chemical reaction that we will see as Northern Lights. These space particles can reach our planet at any time. However, the light from the sun will outshine their light. Therefore, most of Northern Light are seen by late evening or at nighttime. Luckily, the Nordic countries benefits of a wider time period to catch the Northern Lights during winter, as the sun never goes above the horizon in the arctic region.

In Northern Norway, Northern Lights generally appears between 20:00 and 03:00 due to the planet position at that time . However, when solar storms are strong enough, it is possible to catch the aurora from early pm to early am if the sky is dark enough.

Why is Polar Camp a good place to see Northern Lights?

When reaching our planet, the solar storm magnetic field will merge with the magnetic field of our planet, creating an “aurora circle” around the north and the south pole. The stronger is the solar storm, the larger will the aurora circle expend. The KP index is a value used to evaluate how large that aurora circle is expected to expend at a given night. At KP 1, northern lights would only be visible closer to the North or the South pole. Although it does not happen often, a KP of 9 means that the aurora could be visible even from southern Europe, like in Germany or France.

Located at the 66e parallels, Polar Camp has the chance to reach the line of kP 3, allowing us to have the visit of the green lady quite often. In addition, Polar Camp is located in an area far away from light pollution and with a stable climate. These factors are important since light pollution affect how intense our eye will perceive the Northern Lights. In addition, a covered sky will block you from seeing the northern lights.

How to see dancing and colorefull Northern lights?

The KP index only indicate how far south (from the North Pole) it will be possible to see the northern light. The shape, the brightness and the colors of the Northern Lights depends on other parameters of the solar storm: the speed and the density of the proton in the solar storm, as well as how the earth magnetic field will react to the solar storm magnetic field.

As we do not have controle on mother nature, the best thing to do is getting access to the northern part of the planet and with a bit of luck, you will get to see the Northern lights. Some nights, northern lights will look like a green arch crossing the sky. Others nights, it it will be like a green flow all over the sky or a color full dancing lights.