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Apartments 5-6

From € 105

Experience how it feels to live like a Norwegian family in the 1900s.

We have two identical apartments from the 20th century with pine-clad walls, sleeping alcoves and traditional bunk beds The apartments are at the foot of the mountain at the very back of the campsite, so you don’t have far to go for a morning hike.

Every apartment has a kitchen with fridge, hot plates, microwave, kettle, coffee machine and everything else you need for the kitchen. They also have a lounge with sofa, armchair and TV. Between the two apartments are the bathrooms with toilet and shower. The bathrooms have cheerful yellow walls, a framed mirror and shower alcove.

From the balcony you can enjoy the view over the fjord and the mountain landscape of Northern Norway. The view has been the same for 45 years, ever since we started up the campsite here at Hilstad.

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